Your Guide to Booking St. Patrick’s Day Bands in Sacramento

The live Irish and Celtic music scene in Sacramento is exploding, so you’ve got some great choices for your 2012 St. Patrick’s Day event.  Check out these listings and fill out the form below to contact the band that is right for your event.

Folk Rock/Punk
This category features bands that get audiences out on the dance floor. They cover groups like Flogging Molly, The Pogues, and The Tossers in high energy crowd-pleasing performances.

The Pikeys
This new six piece band is crazy fun! Their Irish repertoire is sprinkled with surprises from the likes of the Tom Waits and The Decemberists along with some rowdy originals. When lead singer Ben Mentze breaks out the megaphone, watch out! Instruments: mandolin, guitar, bass, drums, saxophones, tin whistle, flute.

Whiskey and Stitches
High musicianship and stage appeal makes this band a good choice for audiences who want hard-driving Irish folks songs with an edge. Instruments: mandolin, tin whistle, guitar, bass, and drums. Nominated for “Best Punk Band” Sammy Award.

Stout Rebellion
This band puts on a highly interactive show featuring Irish pub songs and familiar drinking songs. They create a festive atmosphere with beads, clappers, song lyrics, and prizes. Instruments: mandolin, accordion, guitar, bass, bagpipes, bodhran, harmonica, and drums. Nominated for “Best Cover Band” Sammy Award.

This category features bands that play lively jigs and reels and beautiful ballads on traditional Celtic instruments. Ideal for traditional Irish dances, quieter settings, and events that call for a rich musical backdrop.

This band puts their own distinctive stamp on traditional Irish tunes and songs. All five members are multi-instrumentalists blending fiddle, accordion, tin whistle, harp, cello, guitar, mandolin, banjo, drums and vocals into their arrangements. They can deliver hard driving reels, lilting jigs and songs both sweet and joyous, all performed with superb musicianship. Contact Dan Chan at

Sacramento’s most established Celtic band!
Contact Day Griffin at

Houligan’s Wake
Contact Catherine Mandella at

You can contact any of these bands directly, or fill out the form below and we’ll put you in touch. If you aren’t sure which band is right for you, or if you need a DJ who specializes in Irish music, let us know and we’ll consult with you.


About stoutrebellion

We are a party band with lots of songs about drinking, funerals and fun!
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